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Last updated: September 24, 2021
  • To form an alliance, raise the Offer Alliance pennant flag in the Flag Box. Any ship in the vicinity of the pennant can create an alliance at their flag box. Ships can leave the alliance from the flag box.
  • Up to six ships can be part of a single alliance.
    • In this way, you could form an alliance with every player and crew in the session.
  • When a crew sells a treasure, that crew will get 100% of their rewards. Alliance crews will receive 50% of the value.
    • The crew that turns in the treasure does not share the treasure’s value with allied crews. Instead, allied crews are awarded a 50% bonus on top of the existing rewards the crew that turned in the treasure received.
  • Emissary Flags and Reapers Chests do not share across alliances.
  • Ships in an alliance are visible to each other on their map table.
  • Alliance members can place voyages on the voting table for other ships in their alliance.
  • Alliance members can also solve riddle maps and dig up the treasure on a treasure map for other crews in the alliance.
  • Allied crews’ nameplates are purple.
  • Alliance crews can still kill, sink, and steal from each other.
  • Some fish will require bait (grubs, leeches, worms) to appear. Bait can be found in barrels across the world, with the best locations being the Seaposts.
  • To equip bait, select the fishing rod, then open the item wheel again and Attach Bait.


Fish Species

  • Splashtails: Most common. Spawns everywhere, and requires no bait.
  • Islehoppers: Spawns in the shallows surrounding islands. Requires no bait.
  • Pondies: Spawns in fresh water. Requires no bait.
    • These are easiest to catch at Hidden Spring Keep (I-8), as no enemy skeletons will spawn there if the fort is inactive.
  • Wreckers: Spawns near shipwrecks. Requires worms as bait.
  • Plentifins: Spawns only in the Shores of Plenty. Requires worms as bait.
  • Wildsplashes: Native to the Wilds to the north east of the map. Requires worms as baits.
  • Ancientscales: Spawns only in the Ancient Isles. Requires leeches as bait.
  • Strormfishes: Spawns inside of storms. Requires leeches as bait.
  • Devilfishes: Spawns in the Devil's Roar region. Requires grubs as bait.
  • Battlegills: Spawn around active forts and in battles against skeleton crews. Require grubs for bait.


Casting and Catching Fish

  • Cast your line out. If it hits water, fish will appear regardless of where you aim. If you hit anything except water, the line will retract.
  • After a while, a fish will bite your line. Tire the fish out before reeling it in (ASD keys or left analog stick), otherwise the line will snap. Pull in the opposite direction to where the fish is swimming, and after a while, the fish should stop thrashing in the water. Once it stops, reel it in (RMB on PC, RT on Xbox) as fast as you can, then repeat the process until caught.
  • You must take the fish off the line immediately after catching it. If you die with it still on the line, you will lose it.
  • The best foods for HP regeneration are pomegranates, mangos, pineapples, and cooked meat and fish. Don’t cook the mangos.

Cooking Timing

Undercooked: off-white or pink

  • Fish: 35 seconds
  • Meat (chicken, snake, pork, shark): 55 seconds
  • Trophy Fish: 80 seconds
  • Kraken: 100 seconds
  • Megalodon: 100 seconds


Cooked: golden brown

  • Fish: 45 seconds
  • Meat (chicken, snake, pork, shark): 65 seconds
  • Trophy Fish: 95 seconds
  • Kraken: 100 seconds
  • Megalodon: 100 seconds


Burnt: black

  • Fish: 80 seconds
  • Meat (chicken, snake, pork, shark): 120 seconds
  • Trophy Fish: 180 seconds
  • Kraken: 240 seconds
  • Megalodon: 240 seconds


Selling Food

You can sell food (except for fruit) to The Hunter's Call before and after cooking it. The amount of gold you receive varies depending on the rarity of the food and how well you cook it. A perfectly cooked rare trophy fish can award you over 5,000 gold.

Selling food also builds your reputation with The Hunter's Call and progress towards a variety of commendations.

  • The Ashen Key is required to open Ashen Chests. The Ashen Key can also be sold to the Bilge Rats at any outpost for 5 doubloons.
  • Ashen Chests can be sold to Bilge Rats for 5 doubloons.
    • Ashen items can also be sold to the Reaper’s Hideout for doubloons and Reaper’s Bones reputation and emissary value.
  • The Reaper’s Hideout (I-12/J-12)
    • The NPC on this island will accept any and all treasure for gold/doubloons and Reaper’s Bones reputation and emissary value.
  • Uncharted Island (K-9)
    • This island is sometimes called Dog Island or Canine Island after its coordinates.
    • Small island, mostly comprised of beach, with limited resources.
  • The Glorious Sea Dog Tavern (K-11)
    • Hosts The Arena (used in the Arena game mode).
    • The interior is not accessible in Adventure mode.
    • There are no companies to turn in Treasure to on this island.
    • The exterior of the island houses the same shops as a regular outpost.
  • Tribute Peak (Y-2/Y-3)
    • This island is also known as the Shores of Gold.
    • The ship must be equipped with Shroudbreaker to reach this island. Ships without Shroudbreaker will be destroyed and their crew killed.
    • Shroudbreaker can be obtained through the Shores of Gold Tall Tale.
  • Throw buckets of water on Gold Skeletons to stun them for long enough to get in a couple of attacks.
  • Shadow Skeletons are invulnerable at night. This can be countered by having a fellow pirate hold a lantern while you are attacking.
  • Mossy Skeletons are weak to melee.
  • Sing to snakes to charm them and make them compliant. This effect lasts for about 30 seconds.
  • Skeletons do not spawn on Uncharted Islands.


Base Gold
Regular Chests
60 to 1,100
300 to 2,400
Most Regular Chests have a Shipwrecked variant, covered in barnacles, that sell for the same amount of gold. Shipwrecked version can be found inside Shipwrecks, on Skeleton Ships or submerged on Islands.
Ashen Chests: Castaway's Chest, Seafarer's Chest, Marauder's Chest, Captain's Chest
140 to 2,100
600 to 4,800
The regular chest with molten metal bits. Requires an Ashen Key to open. Can also be sold to the Reaper's Hideout.
Valuable Chests: Chest of the Damned, Skeleton Captain's Chest, Stronghold Chest, Chest of Ancient Tributes
1,000 to 3,900
3,300 to 12,000
Cursed Chest: Chest of a Thousand Grogs
1,000 to 1,400
Players carrying this Chest will become immediately Drunk and start staggering. The Chest can additionally be used to refill Tankards with Grog.
Cursed Chest: Chest of Sorrows
3,000 to 3,500
The chest periodically weeps and sobs loudly. Its tears can quickly fill up and sink any ship it is aboard.
Cursed Chest: Chest of Rage
3,000 to 3,500
The chest will periodically overheat and explode, setting everything around it on Fire. Can be calmed by Buckets of water.

Bounty Skulls

Base Gold
Regular Skulls
90 to 1,450
405 to 3,240
Ashen Skulls
180 to 2,800
810 to 6,480
The Devil's Roar version of the regular skull.
Ghostly Skulls
1,050 to 2,950
3,480 to 7,290
Powerful Skulls
850 to 10,000
4,860 to 15,750
The Ashen Winds Skull can be used as a flamethrower weapon by players, but decreases in value the more it's used. The Gold Hoarder's Skull has no emissary value.


Base Gold
Ancient Goblet, Bronze Secret-Keeper, Mysterious Vessel
60 to 130
Decorative Coffer, Elaborate Flagon, Silvered Cup
140 to 260
Gilded Chalice, Ornate Carafe, Golden Reliquary
280 to 520
Adorned Receptacle, Opulent Curio, Peculiar Relic
560 to 1,100
  • Boom: The horizontal beam attached to the main mast which holds up the sail.
  • Bow: Front of the ship.
  • Brigantine: The mid-tier ship, ideal for three players, but can be sailed solo or as a duo.
  • Capstan: The large rotating wheel used to raise and lower your anchor.
  • Crow's Nest: The small circular platform at the very top of the main mast, used for viewing long distances. You can change flags here, set alliances, and ring the bell.
  • Doubloons: Blue coins that can be purchased with real money or earned in small amounts in game, and can be exchanged at outposts or the Pirate Emporium for cosmetics.
  • Galleon: The three- or four-player ship, also referred to as a Galley.
  • Gold: Currency that can only be earned in game, not purchased, and can be exchanged at outposts for cosmetics.
  • Helm: This is where you steer the boat from. In Sea of Thieves, this is always the wheel.
  • Hull: Main body of the ship, between bow and stern.
  • Mast: Large wooden pole that holds up sails.
  • Port: Left side of the ship (when facing bow).
  • Rigging: Rope that supports the sails and masts.
  • Sloop: The smallest boat, designed for one or two players.
  • Starboard: Right side of the ship (when facing bow).
  • Stern: Back of the ship.
  • Companion App for iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/sot-companion-unofficial/id1355973896
  • Companion App for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rarethief.sotcompanion&hl=en_US
  • Spyglass will produce a glint that enemies can see if the sun shines on it.
  • When actively using the compass and walking, each step will produce a rumble. Use the compass when walking to assist when using riddles with step counts.
  • In addition to showing time of day, the pocket watch also shows the day of the month in the corner.
  • Turn off ship lanterns at night.
  • Remain underwater longer with bananas. Carry up to 5 bananas at a time.
  • Rainfall will partially flood the ship, but never enough to sink it, and you won’t be able to fully clear it out until rainfall subsides. It can be compounded with actual damage.
  • Vomit can be stored in your bucket and used to blind other players.
  • A “whoosh” of wind after changing sail direction will indicate the sails are aligned perfectly.
  • Straighten the wheel (and the ship’s direction) by listening for the “thud” or feeling the controller rumble.
  • It is possible to move water from your ship and throw it into an enemy’s ship to flood them (albeit slowly).
  • Reach Level 50 in each trading company to unlock Athena’s Fortune, a trading company only accessible to Pirate Legends.
  • The best foods for HP regeneration are pomegranates, mangos, pineapples, and cooked meat and fish. Don’t cook the mangos.
  • Inspect Freaky Dusty bins at outposts to earn 5 doubloons.
  • ASHEN LORDS: Large, swirling, red tornado
    • The Ashen Lord’s mouth can be a flamethrower. Run until cleared line of fire.
    • If it lifts its fire arm into the air, run away; it will slam into the ground with fire-based damage.
    • The tornado will throw fiery rocks onto the island.
    • In the final stage, more rocks will fall and geysers will erupt with fire.
    • PRIZE: Ashen Winds Skull; Devil’s Roar treasure item

  • FORTS OF FORTUNE: Large skull in the sky made of clouds with glowing red eyes, a glowing nose socket, and three glowing lines on the forehead
    • 15 waves of enemies to defeat with coral skeletons, dark skeletons, regular skeletons, and gold skeletons.
    • Every 3-5 waves, a random, named Skeleton Captain will appear.
    • On the 16th wave, fight a Skeleton Lord.
    • On the 17th wave, fight two Skeleton Lords.
    • On the 18th and final wave, fight an Ashen Lord.
    • PRIZE: Fort of Fortune Vault Key. Opens the Fort of Fortune Vault, filled with treasure chests and gold bags.
      • Fort of Fortune Vault Contents:
      • 1 Chest of Legends
      • 2 Kegs of Ancient Black Powder
      • 4 Crates of Legendary Voyages
      • 4-7 Gilded Relics of Ancient Fortune
      • 0-3 Chalices of Ancient Fortune
      • 1-2 Villainous Skulls of Ancient Fortune
      • 0-1 Skull of Ancient Fortune
      • 3 Stronghold Chests
      • 2 Crates of Ancient Bone Dust
      • 2 Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels
      • 1 Stronghold Skull
      • 3 Captain’s Chests
      • 3 Trade Good Crates
      • Up to 5 random Mermaid Gems


  • GHOST FLEET: Red skull with a pirate hat and a beard.
    • A Ghost Fleet World Event has been summoned. This consists of four waves.
    • Wave 1: Seven ghost sloop ships
    • Wave 2: Two Ashen Dragon ships
    • Wave 3: Seven ghost sloop ships
    • Wave 4: Captain Flameheart’s Burning Blade ship
    • PRIZE: Captain Skull of the Damned; Cannonball Crate of the Damned (with Ghost Cannonballs, which damage ships and cause ghosts to spawn)


  • SKELETON FLEET: Green ship in the clouds
    • Waves 1-3: Skeleton Ships
    • Wave 4: Skeleton Captain
    • PRIZE: Skeleton Captain’s Chest; other loot


  • SKELETON FORT: Green skull in the clouds
    • Only one Skeleton Fort will be active on the game map at any moment.
    • 12 waves of skeletons. Some will be manning fort cannons.
    • Every few rounds, a Skeleton Captain will appear and it must be destroyed before you can proceed to the next round.
    • Ashen Guardians also spawn and indicate close to the end.
    • Final three waves consist of three Skeleton Lords.
    • PRIZE: Loot; Stronghold Key


  • SKELETON SHIP: Ships sailing around made of skeletons with green lanterns.
    • PRIZE: Loot


  • THE KRAKEN: Just bombard it with cannonballs.
    • PRIZE: Random loot drops each time a tentacle is defeated; “Kraken Good Time” achievement; Kraken Hunter/Master Kraken Hunter/Legendary Kraken Hunter commendations




    • The Hungering One: Blue, glowing fin. Most common.
    • The Crested Queen: Purple, glowing fin.
    • The Shadowmaw: Darker version of The Hungering One, red fin.
    • The Ancient Terror: Yellow-green, with yellow-green fin.
    • The Shrouded Ghost: Albino, most rare.
    • It takes about 15 cannonballs to take down a Meg.
    • Shooting cannonballs into the mouth of a charging Meg will interrupt it and cause less damage to the ship and its pirates.