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Big Bucks Entertainment

September 2015 – Present

About Big Bucks Entertainment

Big Bucks Entertainment (BBE) is an event services organization where classic game shows from the past fifty (50) years are presented at various conventions and venues throughout the year. Appearances include Penny Arcade Expo (PAX,) Boston Comic Con (BCC,) and Another Anime Convention (AAC,) where players are selected out of a venue’s LIVE audience to play and have a chance to win various prizes. Presenting shows to standing room only audiences, BBE consistently strives for a high standard of excellence and professionalism throughout each show, giving players an experience as if they were appearing on the actual television program; from the slapping of the big red buzzer of Press Your Luck, to the nervous panting of a player sitting in the ever-intense Hot Seat of Who Wants To be a SUPER Millionaire? (SUPER Millionaire) - providing exciting shows like you have never seen!

BBE recaptures the excitement of the ‘80s cult classic game show, Press Your Luck - by presenting a faithful recreation of The Big Board, where squares flash cash, prizes and the wicked little Whammies. Players are presented with a modern twist to the big red buzzers used on the original show, now custom built with light indicators. Audiences are whipped into a crazed frenzy the moment a player stops on a large prize, catapulting a player’s score to commanding leads, resulting with exciting game outcomes.

BBE throws it back to the ‘90s / ’00s with the hit ABC game show, SUPER Millionaire - complete with a faithful recreation of the Hot Seat, praised by original set designer, Andy Walmsley.
Players take on a fifteen (15) question multiple choice trivia game, where three (3) Lifelines are at a player’s disposal. Once a player reaches the second threshold, two (2) additional Lifelines are earned. Players and audiences alike are mesmerized by the replica set, and even asked to pose for “selfies” with their friends and family.

Prizes given on BBE shows are generally donated by local groups and individuals who request our appearance at their venues - including cash prizes for high school students, prize lots from comic book stores and vendors, and gift certificates to local eateries nearby a college for cross promotions. All are informed that our game show events are “fan-based” parodies of their television counterparts and all rights belong to their respective owners. No challenges to ownership is ever implied.

BBE looks forward to appearing at your next LIVE event – and that, is The Final Answer!

Scope of Webb Dsgn

I developed Big Bucks Entertainment’s branding guide since joining the team in September 2015, and I’ve taken their brand on its natural course of evolution. The current branding guide (as of August 2017) plays to a brand new retro color palette.

I also maintain the Big Bucks Entertainment website, which is currently undergoing a major redesign to incorporate the updated brand identity.

Up until June 2017, I also operated a division of Big Bucks Entertainment dedicated to hosting online-only games in 3D recreations of game show studios. This division was called Big Bucks VR, but was later spun off into its own brand called Game Show Online.

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