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Bariatric Meal Timer

October 2017 – Present

About Bariatric Meal Timer

This app was born out of necessity. Since I had gastric bypass surgery in July 2017, I’ve tried a lot of ways to make sure I get as many nutrients as I need. The best way I’ve personally found is to eat for two minutes, then take a break for two minutes, and repeat this until I can’t eat any more.

There was an excellent app that did this on other platforms, but no app with equivalent quality exists for Android, so I decided to make one. This app plays a short sound effect, vibrates the device briefly, and changes color of on-screen elements, depending on whether it’s time to eat or take a break.

Bariatric Meal Timer does not collect any personally identifiable data.


Scope of Webb Dsgn

I developed Big Bucks Entertainment’s branding guide since joining the team in September 2015, and I’ve taken their brand on its natural course of evolution. The current branding guide (as of August 2017) plays to a brand new retro color palette.

I also maintain the Big Bucks Entertainment website, which is currently undergoing a major redesign to incorporate the updated brand identity.

Up until June 2017, I also operated a division of Big Bucks Entertainment dedicated to hosting online-only games in 3D recreations of game show studios. This division was called Big Bucks VR, but was later spun off into its own brand called Game Show Online.

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