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Bariatric Meal Timer

After I had Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery in July 2017, I had to change my eating habits drastically, and needed a meal timer app to keep track of when I should eat, and when I should pause. There wasn’t a meal timer app for Android that met my needs, so I decided to create one. The Bariatric Meal Timer app was designed to be easy to use, above all else. It includes setting each timer length between thirty seconds and five minutes. In addition to changing the color of the center text during each stage, the app also vibrates for 500 milliseconds when one should begin eating, and for 1000 milliseconds when one should pause. The app also makes different pleasant sound effects based on the stage. Since launching in November 2017, the app has had over 1,500 downloads, and over 650 of those downloads have used it within the last thirty days. In late May 2018, I redesigned the app based on Google’s Material Theming UI guidelines that were introduced earlier in the month.